Rock Steps



Subject: It's magnificent!!!!

Dear Carol and Don:

Can’t thank you enough for your great work in helping us design our “park”. It is above and beyond our expectations. I realize that we still have the firepit to finish, but everything thus far is amazing!!! Your team of workers were incredible, too. We definitely have our bit of paradise!!!

Blessings to you!

Debbie and Kevin



“The personal attention the LBD team has given to our landscape design and maintenance goes above and beyond “Good Customer Service”. We approached LBD during our home remodel. We wanted a landscape that enhanced the inside and outside of our home and that’s exactly what we got. LBD has brought to life the yard we could only verbalize with feeling and fleeting thoughts. Thank you LBD!” ~Diana B.



“We built our home over 22 years ago and the landscaping was just as important to us as the look of the house. We felt it set off the house like a frame around a painting. As with anything time and mother nature took over and we (I) felt it was time for some major changes.

LBD put together a creative plan that would open up the yard and incorporated new and healthy trees and plants. They have been great to work with and listened and were open to ideas. So much attention was given to details of everything from plant color and tree height to the scale of plants as they grow.

The yard turned out beautifully and the potential for what is ahead as everything begins growing and developing will be interesting to watch over time.

The yard feels more open and the closed in feeling from over grown plants and trees is gone and replaced with ones that are unusual and others familiar. With spring and summer ahead it will be enjoyable to watch as everything begins blooming.

We appreciate all that LBD has done to make our landscaping look exceptional. We received numerous comments and compliments to the yard. It is great to be able to give them LBD’s name and know that if they choose to use them they will be extremely satisfied too!!” ~Joe D.


“Please thank your hard working gentlemen for their hard work and beautiful results!” ~Carrie M.



“Thank you for the efficient transformation of our front yard. Hope we can work together in the future!” ~Judi R.



“We have just completed two projects together. I visited the site yesterday and the trees are in, they look wonderful, just like we wanted. Kudos from us to you for finding them. You worked so hard to get us the right four trees, thank you again! Now to see them in the Spring!

I also want to say thank you to your crew on both projects. They were great and open to working with me. I also thank you for working with me. You make it easy!” ~Kip N.



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