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June 2020 Newsletter


WEEDS (noun): any unwanted or unsightly plant. A plant considered undesirable in a situation, a plant in the

wrong place.

Isn’t that the truth?! They are out there and making their unwanted presences known! They are especially an issue right now as the weather conditions have been perfect for enticing the weeds to thrive. We know they are a problem at many accounts, but fear not Maintenance customers, our crews are now able to focus more time on these unwanted guests. We thank you for your understanding and patience during our reduced crews due to Covid -19 restrictions and please know that we will continue to remove these “unsightly/undesirable plants in the wrong place”!


June is the month that we begin our annual pruning. This will continue into July since proper pruning requires
detail and time. Our maintenance crews will be pruning their accounts at weekly visits and according to the specific types of shrubs and plants as needed. For those of you who are an annual pruning customer, your yard should have already been looked at, discussed and a work order should be in place to be done shortly. If this newsletter is serving as a reminder to call us or you are a new LBD customer and feel that things need to be addressed, please contact us.


We are in the process of upgrading our website! With a new platform and new designer, please take a moment to check it out by visiting There are many fantastic examples of our work and projects. Please let us know if you see something that is similar or sparks your interest for a project you have in mind for your property. And stay tuned as we will be able to enhance the website and showcase our projects much more efficiently. There are two ways to contact us through our new website, so give it a try and we will start a conversation about your landscape!

Should you want to receive your monthly statement or project invoices via email, let us know. This is an efficient way for many customers, and we would be happy to send them in this form. If you are already utilizing this feature and would like a couple months’ supply of ‘LBD Return Envelopes’, please let us know and we can send you a stack! Additionally, if would like to electronically send your payments to us, we are a Bank of America customer and they offer a great payment option called ‘Zelle’. If your banking institution offers ‘Zelle’, please check it out as an efficient and safe payment possibility.

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